Monday, September 04, 2006

There is a revolution in business today. The old way of doing things is passing into the dark mist of history. It used to be that you… created a product or service that was needed or desired, obtained sufficient financing, recruited a great team, cranked-up your marketing machine and eventually you could grow to become a leader in your industry. That is until some smarter competitor produced a superior performing widget, secured better financing, stole some of your people or out-marketed you, thereby knocking you off your high horse.

Not anymore!

Don’t believe me? Consider this. Yesterday, Bill Ford, president of Ford Motor Company said: "The business model that sustained us for decades is no longer sufficient to maintain profitability." Think about that for a minute. Here is the son of one of the “fathers of the industrial revolution” telling us that their business model no longer works! That’s kind of heavy.

Product marketing, recruitment and financing are no longer the “sacred cows” of business success.
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