Saturday, August 12, 2006
Selling Capacity

What is your sales capacity?
How do you know that this really IS your capacity?
I think that most sales professionals grossly underestimate their capacity. Take a look at this farmer in one of the poorest areas of India. Do you think he had to really PUSH his capacity in order to come up with his solution of getting more of his harvest to market than ever before?
You bet he did!
Now how about you and I?
There are a number of things that negatively affect our capacity. Here are a few:
The Forecast- Often we are held back by the COMPANY forecast. We should set daily goals that exceed this by 20 to 30%. In this way we can ensure that we blow away our quota.
Limiting Thinking- I recommend that salespeople spend at least one hour every week reviewing their vision plan and long and short-term goals. Having a vision is great but not looking at it turns it into the impossible dream.
Misalignment of Goals- Often our daily activities are out of alignment with our goals. If we are very clear on our vision for the future and the specific goals that we need to reach in order to get there, then we must ensure that our daily activities are a reflection of our vision and goals.
Mistaken Priorities- Another thing that can prevent us from performing to our highest capacity is mistaken priorities. In order to expand our capacity I recommend that we do the “hardest” things first.

I encourage you not to settle for less than your true capacity. For more information read my most recent Business Update here.


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