Saturday, July 09, 2005
Rule # 4: Give Information Away Without Selling

Death Row Records is recognized as one of the most successful record companies in history, known strictly for their hardcore "gangsta" rap artists. They have also implemented one of the most brilliant marketing campaigns in the record industry.

Their strategy was devastatingly simple and incredibly effective. In short Death Row has helped launch the careers of completely unknown artists that have since sold hundreds of millions of records. How did they do it? By giving away information without selling! Included in every established artist release, they included a few songs which featured a new and different performer. Some of these bonus features highlight just a few seconds of the new artist but in a way that is compelling and evident of their unique style!

Without spending a dime on additional marketing, they have given the fans of one performer a free taste of another which they are likely to enjoy as well. As a result Death Rows sales have skyrocketed. In fact they have sold more rap CDs than any single label while at the same time significantly reducing the time and investment required to launch a new artist.

Think of how you can give clients a taste of your products or services. I'm not talking about a discount or some kind of promotional giveaway pen or paperweight but rather something that is recognized as valuable and complimentary with the core products which they are already purchasing. Most important however is to do this in a way that is not salesy but informative and centered on their best interests. This is the essence of the rules of attraction.

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