Friday, June 10, 2005
Idiot Boss of the Month

Mr. Apathy
Who's the bigger idiot: you or your boss? Sure, he has no clue what you do, tells stupid jokes and yells a lot. But aren't you the real idiot for staying? We help 45,000 people escape idiot bosses each week. Find a better boss now... right under your idiot boss' nose.

That's the ad that I saw posted on a popular news website. It looks just like an article but in reality it is an advertisement for Career Builders. Today every media outlet shares one thing in common... CLUTTER! Same-old-same advertising wherever you look. Here's one that really stands out, makes a point and gets you to smile as well. However better than that it makes you want to know more. Click on the link above and you'll know what I mean.

One of the Rules of Attraction is Who we are is more important than what we do. Career Builders knows it's not about you finding something better to DO. It's about finding someone better to be with. You're not so much looking for a new job but you're looking for a new boss.

Think about how you can apply this to your business. Focus on the WHO rather than the WHAT.


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