Friday, June 17, 2005
The Prime Solution

If you're a salesperson, like the great James Ng www.pcgsafety.com you can probably relate to this scenario. You spend days preparing a razzle-dazzle presentation. During the big event, you expound on the greatness of your company. You show slides of your top-notch manufacturing facilities. You paint a rosy picture of the future the prospect will have if he buys. What happens after you wrap up the presentation is anyone's guess. But two things are certain: you've spent valuable time and resources on this little dog and pony show, and you're left with the unsettling knowledge that the decision to buy from you (or not) is completely out of your hands.

Sound familiar? Probably so. And right now you may be thinking, well, that's just the nature of the beast. Presentations are no fun, but they're part and parcel of selling. Right?


According to Jeff Thull, absolutely not. Not only are presentations almost always a waste of time, says the strategist and business advisor, they actually decrease the chances that you'll make the sale. Think about the nature of the presentation and you'll see why it's so often an exercise in futility, says Thull, author of The Prime Solution: Close the Value Gap, Increase Margins, and Win the Complex Sale.

Jeff obviously understands the critical importance of Rule of Attraction #3 : The problem is more impotant than the solution.

Jeff goes on to demonstrate that most salespeople are spending 80% of their time talking about their solution, while the prospect may not even understand their own problem. So no matter how impressive the product or service sounds, they are not going to grasp how it applies to their situation. In addition the prospect likely has several other presentations just like ours lined up. In their mind we are merely a commodity. The only way we can win is if we are the lowest bidder, and even that doesn't guarantee success.

In our Attract More Business seminar and program we tear apart presentations. We demonstrate in a humorous way precisely where presentations go awry amd also teach a five step method to ensure that they are effective. You will never find yourself doing mindless proposals and dog and pony shows again. Check it out at www.attractmorebusiness.com or sign-up for the full day workshop. Also my Kudos to Jeff for making this rule so easy to understand and put into practice.


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