Monday, November 24, 2008
When great prices and great service meet

With all the problems facing the transportation industry, most airlines are struggling to get passengers in seats. Some reasons are out of their control, but two airlines continually show that passengers will fly, and will choose a brand they like when given the choice. Jet Blue and Southwest have consistently attracted a loyal following of passengers, not just because they tend to be less expensive than major airlines (look at the struggles of Ted and ATA to see that price isn't everything when it comes to air travel.) Southwest and Jet Blue have service that is considered head and shoulders above the competition, and that makes the difference. They both have had major PR problems in the past year, yet they have engendered such good will with passengers that they have flown through these rocky times with little turbulence. To see a detailed discussion on why Jet Blue and Southwest are doing so well, see this article.

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